Activities in Ukraine

ICDP trainer Sergey Krasin informs:

On 12-13th  of February 2020, Anna Trukhan, ICDP Ukraine chair, conducted the workshop “Effective ways to support parents of pupils” at the Kharkov Humanitarian Pedagogical Academy.  The workshop was for senior methodologists from different kindergartens in Kharkov. The participants became acquainted with the history of ICDP, its basic principles, criteria and main features.

Apart from this, in the period up to March 2020, there were a lot of facilitators who continued to work in different organizations in Kharkov. They are conducting the ICDP trainings for parents and Anna and I provide supervisory assistance to them.

ICDP training was rolled out to parents through cooperation with the NGO “You Too”; facilitators Victoria Lepyokha, Elena Bondar and Elena Martynyuk conducted ICDP courses for 4 parent groups. The participants of these groups were parents who are faced with difficult life circumstances (such as having seriously ill relatives, or suffering due to death of a close relative, or struggling to cope being single mothers, or grandmothers who took grandchildren under their guardianship) as well as families who want to improve relationships with their children.

“We have three couples in one of these groups, which is very pleasing, as it is very good when both parents are interested in developing a good relationship with their child and are willing to take responsibility for it” – says facilitator Victoria Lepeha.

A very interesting team of facilitators works in the Kidsdream Private Kindergarten. The team consists of a mother and her son: Natalia Novachenko and Evgeny Fedak. They conduct ICDP trainings for parents of children with disabilities.

Anna and I plan to start training new groups of facilitators in Kharkiv and Odesa, as soon as the corona virus situation abates.  In that training we will apply our new programme including the PSEA training. So, in our organization, we are already preparing to implement the ICDP Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) policies and we will apply it to all our partners. We will also organize the same training for all facilitators, including those who have already been trained in the past. In the future, PSEA training will be integrated in the general ICDP training courses as mandatory. We are currently designing a new training programme at three levels:

1st level – Basic training in the eight ICDP guidelines.; 2nd level – ICDP Facilitator level; 3rd level – Regional trainer for regional work. This level will for very experienced facilitators. In this programme we plan to conduct PSEA training after the first level.


ICDP trainer, Maria Gorskova was the key organiser of a conference for ICDP facilitators, which was conducted on Zoom, on the 17th of October 2020.

The aim of the conference was to share and motivate the ICDP facilitators at this time, when due to Covid-19 there are many difficulties and obstacles in their work. The conference proved to be a success, although the participation was smaller than planned.