ICDP began to develop in Chile in late 2019.

In April 2020, ICDP signed the agreement for cooperation with the Fundación Eika, whose leader is Ann Vestheim. 

The foundation is establishing contacts and operational structures, as well as seeking funding with the future aim of implementing the ICDP programme in local pre-schools and later on with caregivers of older people. 

During 2020, a group of professionals linked to Fundación Eika has been receiving training in the version of the ICDP programme that is being used widely in Latin American countries. This version was originally developed by ICDP for large scale implementation of the programme in Colombia, in 2001. It was later approved by UNICEF and as a result a set of ICDP materials was published in 2005, known as the “ICDP Mochila”.