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Update 2018

ICDP was launched at the “First Pan-American Congress on Education for Peace” held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2009, at the University or the Americas, UDLA, Puebla, Mexico. One of the participants of that conference was Jose Luis Flores Jimenevez who subsequently became an ICDP trainer. He is still applying ICDP in his own practice as family psychologist and he is also providing ICDP training to local professionals and students.

The programme received very good reception and immediately after the conference there was an ICDP training workshop attended by 25 professionals, including psychologists and social workers from government networks DIF Municipal and DIF Estatal, as well as reachers from Luis Amigo and Montessori schools. Participants felt the importance of implementing ICDP in their institutions to enhance their work with families and children and by the end of December they started using ICDP in practical self training projects.

Casa de la Niñez Poblana, a government institution for abandoned children incorporated ICDP as one of their methodologies and all of its 72 members of staff received training in the ICDP program. The institution has high standards of care and counts with a set of modern and beautiful buildings providing protection for children of all age groups. It has adequate equipment  and provides quality services, which are based on a personalized approach with each child. The director  is open to innovative programs and thanks to his dynamic and devoted team of psychologists this institution is an example of excellent caring practice. One of their interesting initiatives was to invite members of the local police force to attend ICDP courses at the Casa de la Niñez Poblana.

Jose Luis Flores Jimenevez received training in ICDP in 2009. He was part of the team of seven psychologists who carried out ICDP courses at Casa de la Niñez Poblana and after more than ten years, he still continues to use ICDP in his own professional consultancy work and has been actively promoting ICDP in the municipality of Puebla. 

2016 – ICDP at Puebla university

The Faculty of Psychology at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) has a Diploma course in Attention disorder, which started on the 23rd of September 2016. The ICDP programme is included as module 5 of this course. Jose Luis Flores Jimenez introduced the content of the ICDP programme by conducting the ICDP training sessions over a period of 4 days.

ICDP and CEMEX agreement, 2018